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Eagetmail License Key

Eagetmail License Key: How to Purchase and Use It

Eagetmail is a popular and powerful email component that allows you to send, receive, and parse emails in your applications. It supports POP3, IMAP4, SSL/TLS, EWS, WebDAV, OAuth, and SMTP protocols. Whether you are developing a desktop, web, or mobile application, Eagetmail can help you handle email communication with ease.

However, to use Eagetmail in your projects, you need to purchase a license key that matches your needs and budget. In this article, we will explain how to buy an Eagetmail license key and how to use it in your code.


How to Buy an Eagetmail License Key

Eagetmail offers three types of licenses: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Each license has different features and prices. You can compare them in the table below:

License Type




$159.95 USD

For a single developer to use the software personally on one workstation. Developer can only install this object on a single machine.


$219.95 USD

Royalty free. For a single developer to use the software for developing and maintaining applications. The applications owned by the licensee can be distributed.


$329.95 USD

Royalty free. For unlimited developers of a single company to use the software for developing and maintaining applications. The applications owned by the licensee can be distributed.

To purchase an Eagetmail license key, you can visit [this page] and choose the license type that suits you best. You can pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, wire transfer, invoice, or PO. You will receive an email with your license code after the payment is completed.

How to Use an Eagetmail License Key

To use your Eagetmail license key and remove the limitation of the trial version, you need to apply it in the MailClient and Mail class constructor in your code. The syntax varies depending on the programming language you are using. Here are some examples:

```csharp // C# MailClient oClient = new MailClient("license code"); Mail oMail = new Mail("license code"); ``` ```vb ' VB Dim oClient As MailClient = New MailClient("license code") Dim oMail As Mail = New Mail("license code") ``` ```cpp // CLI/C++ MailClient ^oClient = gcnew MailClient("license code"); Mail ^oMail = gcnew Mail("license code"); ``` ```js // JScript.NET var oClient:MailClient = new MailClient("license code"); var oMail:Mail = new Mail("license code"); ``` ```vbscript ' VBScript Set oMail = CreateObject("EAGetMailObj.Mail") oMail.LicenseCode = "Your license code" Set oClient = CreateObject("EAGetMailObj.MailClient") oClient.LicenseCode = "Your license code" ``` ```vb6 ' Visual Basic 6.0 Dim oMail As New EAGetMailObjLib.Mail oMail.LicenseCode = "Your license code" Dim oClient As New EAGetMailObjLib.MailClient oClient.LicenseCode = "your license code" ``` ```cpp // Visual C++ IMailPtr oMail; oMail.CreateInstance(__uuidof(EAGetMailObjLib::Mail)); oMail->LicenseCode = _T("your license code"); IMailClientPtr oClient; oClient.CreateInstance(__uuidof(EAGetMailObjLib::MailClient)); oClient->LicenseCode = _T("your license code"); ``` ```delphi // Delphi oMail := TMail.Create(Application); oMail.LicenseCode := 'your license code'; oClient := TMailClient.Create(Application); oClient.LicenseCode := 'your license code'; ``` For more details and examples, you can refer to [this tutorial].


Eagetmail is a reliable and versatile email component that can help you create amazing email applications. To use it, you need to purchase a license key that fits your requirements and budget. You can then apply the license key in your code and enjoy the full features of Eagetmail. We hope this article has helped you understand how to buy and use an Eagetmail license key.

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