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Studios @ Setay
Client space rental agreement

Please Complete  Form and Sign Agreement Below

Preferred Payment Options:
Apps: Zelle - Venmo Use 804 873 3994

SETAY's Space Rental and Payment Requirements

Space rental fees are due upon contract signing if the fee is less than $200. Rental fees greater than $200.00; one-half of fee is due upon contract signing. The balance will be due two weeks prior to facility usage. Other facility rental prices will be agreed upon in advance. Additional charges will apply for every 30 minutes over the agreed upon timeframe and/or if the room requires more than the normal allotted
time to be returned to its original state to make it available for use.


Decorations and Equipment:
Users may decorate the space permitted with prior approval, but must comply with the following:

• Renters who agree to open and close the facility are responsible for turning thermostats, lights and music on and off. Tampering with light fixtures or other Civic Building equipment or furnishings is prohibited unless approved by the Owner of SETAY Dance and Fitness. EC.
• Non-fire proof decorations are allowed. No items may be attached to walls, lighting fixtures, etc.
• Nothing may be taped, stapled, thumb tacked, nailed or otherwise attached to the structure.

Absolutely No open flames, or Drugs are allowed inside of the building!!!!! Alcohol is permitted with Permit only.

Process for Securing Rental Space:
• The process for rental space access will be provided prior to rental date; which identifies the
steps to gain entry, room setup, and closure procedures.
• Room rental cost will begin with entry time before and after class/event and will be counted
toward usage cost.
• The cost associated with unclean or damaged space will be determined by the time estimated to
return the facility to its original condition.
• Main Studio capacity is a maximum of 50 participants; Zen Room capacity is 15 capacity.

• No smoking, drugs and/or alcohol usage is allowed in the SETAY Studio

The responsible party must remain onsite and provide adequate supervision and maintain orderly
conduct among event suppliers, guests and participants prior to, during and after the event.

Agreement and Signature

Thank you for completing the Setay Rental Agreement Form

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